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Our doctor, Murat Şenol Eskişehir, who is with us during the birth with his interest, sincerity and expertise in his field, is always with us, who we can call the best, and responded to our every message that we can communicate comfortably, thanks for everything.


I would like to thank nurse Yağmur who works in the laboratory of your hospital in Batıkent. A few days ago I had a blood draw in family medicine and suffered terribly, even though I had 1 or 2 tubes. But he took 7 tubes of blood and I did not understand anything. I thank him both for his smiling face and for his beautiful service ..

When we went to the emergency room for our 1 year old baby, Dr. Mahmut Esat Ayhan in the emergency room relieved us very much with his attitude and style. Thank you.

I would like to thank Op.Dilek ULUSOY, who made great efforts to be the most important feeling for a mother during and after my pregnancy, as well as all the nurses and other healthcare personnel working in the Maternity Service and the New Born intensive care unit.

We would like to express our gratitude to our doctor Abdurrahman Akçay for supporting our idea of a normal birth, to our midwife Ms. Nebahat for all the necessary support in this process and to Figen Midwife for her great help in birth, it could not have been better.

I have learned about your retirement from our dear teacher Zeki ÜSTÜNER via a text message. You have always been with us during this difficult period for the patient. You answered my questions with your very friendly and helpful attitude. You worked late for your patients. Not only did you cure it, but you also gave confidence psychologically. As an educator, I sincerely believe that you will not really retire. I know that you will continue to give something for people in every environment. I would like to express my gratitude for everything you do. Thank you for your hard work. I wish you a happy and healthy retirement. Your patient Ali ŞEN

I would like to thank my good-humored physician, Internal Diseases Specialist Yahya Topal, who evaluates his patient with a holistic perspective, includes his patient in the diagnosis and treatment process, and relieves him with his comments.

We would like to thank our esteemed doctor Talat Remzi DEMİRKOL, who was always with us during the process of birth, who did his best for our baby to be born in a healthy way and made us happy with his smiling face .... Finally, as we approach the last weeks of our pregnancy, we manage the problems we encounter in the best way. I would like to thank Nebahat Midwife who managed the process in the best way, took the right decisions and quickly prepared my husband for the surgery, and Gülcan Midwife who worked in her team as a result of our bleeding that started suddenly at 32-33 weeks of our pregnancy in line with the information she gave. Afterwards, I would like to thank all the staff in the Caesarian team. I would like to thank our doctor Talat Remzi DEMİRKOL for intervening with great urgency and saving the lives of my wife and baby. God will give you whatever you want ... I thank our pediatrician Çoşkun MİNNET thousands of times ...

He took good care of our mother Naşide Akbaloğlu, who was hospitalized in the intensive care unit, and approached our patients' relatives and patients with devotion, sincerity and beauty. We sincerely thank Banu BENLİ BOYLU and his team.

Hello, we are going through difficult and troubled times due to the COVID - 19 epidemic, which has an impact on the whole world and the geography where our country is located. In this troubled period, despite not having anything to do with the virus epidemic, our esteemed family elder, our mother NA, was taken to the intensive care unit of Eskişehir Umit Hospital due to heart and lung disease. The self-sacrificing and expert treatment support process, which started in the emergency room, continues with interest and relevance to this day. The close attention shown to our patient makes us very pleased. It is felt that the relevant hospital is an expert in its business with its professional campus, specialist physician staff, friendly staff and treatment equipment. Great chance for Eskişehir. On this occasion, the day I came to the hospital from Uşak to accompany and visit our patient, Mr. Exp. Dr. I found the opportunity to meet with Ms. Gülseren Akçay. I am grateful for the close attention, interest and companionship of my security guard friend, whose name I cannot remember. Gülseren, the doctor of the Intensive Care unit, provided the necessary information about our patient. He gave promising information about the process and what to do. Mr. Exp. Dr. I would like to thank Ms. Gülseren Akçay for her close attention and interest, and I would like to thank all Ümit Hospital intensive care unit doctors and nurses, Chief Physician, security guards, and all the staff. Good thing you are, our health angels. With the permission of Allah, our belief that our mother will regain her health as soon as possible with this medical team will never be lost. Regards. ÖZDEN - RECAİ KOR 13.05.2020 ESKİŞEHİR.

Specialist, who does everything they can for my grandmother in the intensive care unit and supports the patient and their relatives in every sense. Dr. Thank you to all the hospital staff, including Gülseren AKÇAY and his team.

Well, whenever we go to Ümit Hospital, we feel as if we are at home. Your doctors are very good quality, good people. I went to a hospital with "Badem" and their only concern is money. Even his secretaries view the patient as money, not human. I sincerely congratulate Umit hospital management and all staff. Good thing you are.

I would like to thank Dr. Murat Boylu for the interest and friendliness of all the employees in the service, who helped me to have a pleasant process without panicking during my pregnancy with his calm attitude. Esra Soydan

I would like to thank my doctor Ali Züberi and Nurten Duran from Patient Services for their interest and relevance.

I would like to thank Samiye Alçam, the people working in the intensive care unit where I received treatment, Rabia, İrem, Şura and all the intensive care nurses and my doctor Murat Taraktaş for their interest and smiling faces.

I would like to thank Ms. Nurten, who works in customer service at Tepebaşı private Ümit Hospital, Ms. Funda and Ms. Mrs. Semanur, who are in charge of consultation, for their interest and approach ... Hülya EVREN

Mustafa alper teacher, who always heals me before my daughter when I feel helpless. Of course, the reason why I breathe in all of my daughter's ailments is not only to heal my daughter, but also to relax a worried mother like me while coping with the diseases, and at this time, our fever has decreased and our values are returning to normal. Humanity conscience medicine all in one.

First of all, Hello Batıkent Hope Hospital Pediatric Polyclinic, thanks to Mustafa Alper Aykanat, I know the most energetic and actually the most human doctor I have ever seen. An excellent doctor, believe me, I have never met such a doctor before, Cook, but thank you very much ....

I would like to thank Neurosurgery Specialist Uz Dr Çağrı Kökoglu and his team who performed my surgery due to the fracture in my back and to his team, I wish you health, happiness and peace in the new year.

I am being treated by Dr. A. Rıza ALTUNSU in the Cardiology department, a wonderful person and physician, an expert in his profession, he knows the psychology of the patient, his treatment is extremely effective. Thank you very much Ümit Hastanesi Batıkent.

I would like to thank Dr. İbrahim Dolu Dr. Müslüm Tarkan, Dr. Alper Hacıoğlu, who performed a whipple surgery a month ago, for his close interest and interest in Dr.

When I decided to have breast augmentation surgery, I went to Dr. Mehmet Sezgin through my friends, whom I consulted. It is very important for me to trust my doctor. His welcome from the moment I enter the door, his explanations after telling my complaints, the answers he gave to my questions and the pictures he showed about the contents of the surgery were nothing. Even though you went without knowing me, Mehmet did my operation. I think he is a very meticulous, good and reliable doctor. For me, the doctor approach in the postoperative period is also very important. Mehmet Bey removes all the question marks in your mind and most importantly, I did not say that the operation is over. Thank you very much to him and his team.

Many thanks to our orthopedic doctor, Mr. Mehmet Yılmaz, who performed our surgery, primarily for relaxing us with his self-confidence before the surgery and for answering all the questions we asked in detail after a successful surgery.

Thank you very much to our doctor, Mr. İbrahim Dolu, who helped restore my father's health. He did the surgery that no doctor dared to do in Eskişehir and restored my father to his health.

For his friendly and concerned approach, Dr. We thank Batuhan Cantürk very much.

Dr. I thank Batuhan Cantürk for his care and high level of service in approaching the patient. It is very nice to see our doctors like Batuhan teacher at Ümit Hospital.

We would like to thank Prof. Seyhan TOPBAS who is my father's physician and SEMA HANIM, and his secretary, for their interest and interest.

During my pregnancy for my interest and approach to my doctor Murat Senol thank you very much in the process of childbirth in the process of dear nebahat and I also thank you very much my last thanks to the doctor in the process of giving birth to me at the sea light for the first time as though you feel taniyormuscasina and smilling friendly Thank you very much for your sincere approach. I would like to thank you for your work ... Merve Çoşkun

I would like to thank dear Dilek Ulusoy and all doctor and nurse in the day service.

We thank our doctor Ibrahim Dolu who has successfully performed the gall bladder surgery of our father thanks to his rosy, friendly approach to comforting not only his patient but also us. God for many years to do his craft profession.Onat family (twins)

I have been treated in your outpatient clinic, thanks to Nurten Hanım and policlinic staff for their help and interest. Serhat ÖNER

I am with me during my pregnancy and birth. Dr. Abdurrahman AKÇAY and the first controls of my baby, who is still our doctor. I would like to thank all newborn intensive care service nurses and service nurses, especially Ferruh BAŞ.

I very much appreciate Nurten lady working in customer service in your Tepebasi private Umit hospital. Smiling face and nice conversation with the patient and the patient is close to the morale is also very helpful. I thank him very much. I come to your hospital very often for my father, my father is very happy at the age of 82 years, they are happy with interest in my father Nurten thank you very much.

I would like to thank to Doctor Dilek Ulusoy for his contributions to giving an easy normal birth in a short period of time. Contact Makbule directly

During the course of my treatment and the internal attitude of the disease, I have investigated my disease in detail and informed me. Dr. I would like to thank Şennur Özen and Ümit Hospital, who had good physicians like her. Murat Beyenirsoy, February 18, 2019.

In the last month, I came to the orthopedics outpatient clinic at your hospital. My surgery was very successful. As long as I am being treated in your hospital, I would like to thank Dr.Mehmet Yılmaz, his consultant Büşra Hanım, who works in the plaster sector, Mustafa Bey, who works in the plaster department, and Fatma Hanım, who works very hard during the third floor. a thank you a debt I know.

Our physician, who is with us with his smiling face and experience, who uses all the facilities of the hospital in order to keep our mother who is seriously ill, who is using the all facilities of the hospital and who is very concerned and affectionate. Dr. Müslüm Tarkan, intensive care personnel, general surgery staff and Chief Physician Uzm. Dr. We would like to thank Selim Murat ÜRER

Orthopedics and Traumatology department Dr.Mehmet Yilmaz closed shoulder surgery with the repair of ratator sheath and bone pressing my bone was performed very pleased with my surgery. I appreciate him and his team. Emk.Bed.Eğt..Oğrt.Ayşe South Eskisehir.

During my treatment, my dear friend ever gratified my work, my esteemed doctor Rabia Sedef URE to thank you for what I do. I'll be better. I also have a good ... also the smile of the secretary Gülsüm not thank the lady. You are good / EZGİ ALTAY

I would like to thank our beloved doctor, Murat Şenol, who is always interested in the best way during my pregnancy and birth, who has always been guleryuzlu.

İbrahim Kökdere Tepebaşı municipality member İBRAHİM KÖKDERE TEPEBAŞI MECLİS MEMBER: CARDIOLOGY AND HEART SURGERY: SELAMİ DOĞAN AND TEAM As angiogenesis performed on June 7, 2018, my beloved doctor selami bey, who had taken me surgery because of my three arteries, was recovered after a successful surgery. In the process, the help of the first time to help my doctor selami and his team, smiling face, attention, relevance and patience endless thanks to them allah them get your path always be open.


In half a day I passed a lot of tests and I got my results, I went for the first time and I was very satisfied.

Kolon kanseriydim ve metetas yolu ile kara ciğerime yayılmıştı.Bunu Eskişehir Devlet Hastanesi Gasterantoloji Uzmanı Dr.Ali TÜREYEN'in Muayenesi ve yapmış olduğu ulturasyonik araştırmalar da dahil tetkik ve araştırmaları sonucunda tesbit edilmişti.Oğlum Anodolu Üniversitesinde Dr.Öğretim görevlisi Emrah Emre ÖZKSKİN'in bacanağı Dr.Özgür TÖKMECİ'nin yönlendirmesiyle Hocası Prf.Doktor İbrahim Ethem GEÇİM ile randevu alındı.Eskişehir devlet hastanesinden getirmiş olduğum dosya verileri ve Muayene sonucunda kalın bağırsağımda tümör olduğunu ama asıl karaciğerin önemli olduğunu amaliyat edilemez bir durumda olduğumu kalın bağırsağımın dışarı çıkarılarak kemoterapi ile karaciğerimin amaliyat olacak bir duruma getirilmesi gerektiğini gelmes ise yaşamım süredüğü müddetçe bu şekilde yaşayacağımı bildirdi ve bir cerrahi müdahale ile kalın bağırsağım ince bağırsağımdan ayrılarak dışarı çıkarılıp torba takıldı.Kemoterapi için yapılan araştırmalarımızda Özel Ümit Hastanesi Onkoloji Doktorlarından Doç.Dr.Zeki ÜSTÜNER'in Ülkemizin gurur duyacağı hekimlerimizden biri olduğunu öğrendik.Kendisiyle görüşerek tedaviye başladım.Doç.Dr.Zeki ÜSTÜNER 'in ve Dr.Mehmet Şakir YUMUŞAK'ın uygulamış olduğu kemoterepi tedavisi mucuzevi bir olumluluk göstererek karaciğerimdeki ve kalın bağırsağımdaki kanser hücrelerinde gerileme oldu.Amaliyata hazırdım.Yapılan cerrahi müdahaleler sonuzu Kanser ile mücedelemin 3 ncü senesindeyim ve çok iyiyim.Buradan Özel Ümit Hastanesi Hekimlerinden Doç Dr.Zeki ÜSTÜNER'e,Uzman Dr.Mehmet Şakir YUMUŞAK'a ve Hastalar ile diyologları çok iyi olan hemşirelerine ve hastane personeline ailece teşekkür eder.Saygılarımızı gönderiyoruz.Oktay ÖZKESKİN ve Ailesi

Tedavim süresince güler yüzü ve samimi tavrıyla hastalıgımı en ince ayrıntısına kadar araştıran Nörolojı Uzmani Dr. Rabia Sedef Üre ye ve böyle iyi hekimleri kadrosunda bulunduran sizlere çok teşekkür ediyorum. Merve Mutlu Dertli/Agustos 2018

Tedavimi en kısa zamanda tamamlayan sayın Op Doktor Hakan BOZOĞLU’na şükranlarımı sunarım .Ayrıca güleryüzlü sağlık personeline de ayrıca teşekkür ederim. :)

Bayram ASLAN 17.07.2015 | Genel Cerrahi

Tedavime katkida bulunan Op Dr NAMİK YİLMAZ ve EKİBİNE tesekkur eder iyi bayramlar dilerim

Onur ARPALIK 10.11.2015 | Beyin ve sinir cerrahisi

06-11-2015 tarihinde saygıdeğer doktorum Sn.Hakan Bozoğlu tarafından bel fıtığı ameliyatı oldum.1 gece hastanede misafir edildim bu süre içerisinde bizden ilgi ve alakasını eksik etmeyen öncelikle sevgili doktorum Sn.Hakan Bozoğlu ve ekibine yardımcısı Gizem hanıma ogün yoğun bakımda sürekli benimle ilgilinen adını muhtemelen narkozun etkisiyle malesef hatırlayamadığım kıvırcık saçlı esmer hemşireme:),3.katta sorumlu hemşire sanırım ismi Anik' di ona gece boyuncada ilgisini eksik etmeyen İnci hemşireye çok teşekkür ediyorum.

AHMET BOZTEPE 07.12.2015 | kalp damar

26.11.2015 tarihinde bypass ameliyatimi gerceklestiren tedavi súrecinde ilgisini eksik etmeyen DR SELAMÎ DOĞAN ve ekibine sonsuz tesekkyrler.. AHMET BOZTEPE

Dürdane GÖKCE 09.12.2015 | Genel Cerrahi

Eylül ayında hastanenizde fistür ameliyatı oldum.Yıllardır süren ızdırap 1 saat içinde bitti. Başta Op.Dr Namık YILMAZ ve Op.Dr ibrahim DOLU' ya çok teşekkür ediyorum. İyiki varsınız. İstanbulda yaşıyorum. Sizleri buradaki hastanelerde görmeyi çok isteriz. Selam ve Sevgiler.

Hüseyin Yalı 11.01.2016 | Kardiyoloji

09.01.2016 tarihinde yapmış olduğu Anjiyomda ki başarısı ve yakın ilgisinden dolayı saygıdeğer doktorum Uzm. Dr. SERDAR AKYÜZ ve ekibine sonsuz teşekkürlerimi sunarım.

hatice şen 08.02.2016 | kbb

29/01/2016 tarihinde 3 yaşındaki oğlumu geniz eti ve bademcik ameliyatı yapan sayın FATİH GÖREN doktorumuzun geniz etine yapışmış bir çekirdeği fark etmesi sonucu başımıza gelebilecek bir felaketten kurtulduk.Öncelikle sevgili doktorumuza daha sonra hastane çalışanlarına teşekkürü bir borç bilir,başarılarının devamını dileriz.

Mustafa KORUR 10.02.2016 | ambulans hizmeti

yaklaşık 1 ay önce tekirdağa ambulansınız ile acil olarak dedemi götürdük.yolculuk esnasındaki ilgi ve alakasından dolayı görevli HULUSİ DEMİR ve şoför KEMAL YURDAGÜL'e çok teşekkür ederim.4 saat içinde tekirdağa ulaştırdılar bizi.

Şerife ÖZBALKANLI 09.03.2016 | Kalp damar cerrahi

28.02.2016 tarihinde annem Ayşe Kiremitçi'nin bypass ameliyatını gerçekleştiren ve tedavi sürecinde ilgisini etmeyen Dr. Selami DOĞAN ve ekibine çok teşekkür ediyor,ellerinizin nice hastalara şifa olmasını diliyorum...


Oğlum H.Kağan DURMUŞ' un rahatsızlıkları nedeniyle yaklaşık 3 yıldır doktorumuz Bekir Bey tarafından takip ve tedavi altındaydık. 19 Mart 2016 tarihinde Tonsillektomi&Adenoidektomi ameliyatımızı olduk. Kendisine her zaman güven duyduğumuz başta Doktorumuz Bekir OKSAY Bey olmak üzere emeği geçen tüm çalışanlarınıza çok teşekkür ederiz.

ufuk arıkan 01.07.2016 | kadın hastalıkları ve doğum

Yoğun temposunda doktorumuz sayın tanser şenses başta olmak üzere anestezi doktorumuz yeşim hanım ve her aşamada tüm personelinize gösterdikleri ilgiden dolayı teşekkür ediyoruz.

Ali Osman 01.09.2016 | Sayginer

Gerçekten kaliteli oldukça iyi bir hastane.

Gonca Esgin 19.10.2016 | ONKOLOJI

Annem Kudret Uzunpolat a ılgılerınden dolayı sayın Dr.muz ZEKI Bey ve AYFER Hanıma aynı zamanda musterı hızmetlerınden NURTEN Hanıma cok cok tesekkur ederım.

Pınar Birol 19.10.2016 | Musterı hızmetlerı danısmanı

Musteri hizmet danışmanı NURTEN Hanıma gostermiş olduğu yardım ve ilgiden dolayı teşekkür ederim.

Ayhan TOPTAŞ 19.11.2016 | Çocuk Sağlığı ve Hastalıkları

Çocuk Hastalıkları 19/11/2016 tarihinde prematüre bebekler için düzenlemiş olduğunuz prematüre Doğum günü kutlamaları için ailem ve küçük kızımız Zeynep Toptaş adına teşekkür ediyorum. Eskişehir'de bir numara olan hizmet kalitesi ile de tek hastane olan Özel Ümit Hastanesi çalışanlarına,özellikle Yenidoğan yoğun bakım çalışanlarına, Çocuk doktorları Çoşkun Minnet,Şadi İdem ve Ferruh Beye sonsuz teşekkürler..

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babam gecen sene baypass oldu.annem anjiyo oldu stent takıldı.bu gün tam bir yıl geçti.yıllık kontrollerini yaptırdık.dr SELAMİ bey ve dr SERDAR bey e ilği alaka ve sıcakkanlılıkları için teşekkür ederim.hamdolsun anem ve babamın saglıkları çok iyi. ayrıca doktorlaımın sekreterleri MELİKE GÖÇMEN hanım ve YELİZ BAKLA hanıma özellikle teşekkür ederim.bizlere can oldular kardeş gibi davrandılar.zorlu süreci onların güler yüzü ve ilgileriyle atlattık.ALLAH C.C. hepsinden razı olsun.onları ve hastahanenizi herkeze tavsiye ediyorum.RABBİM herkeze şifa versin.tüm persenole teşekkürler.

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